Meet Shannon.

Conservative, Trusted Leadership for the 30th District.


Wm. “Shannon” Morris, born and raised in Kent County, Delaware, is a 1993 Graduate of Caesar Rodney High School, where he was an active member of the FFA and DECA. Shannon has been employed at Kent County Levy Court since 2001. He is currently the Chief Code Enforcement Officer. During his tenure at Kent County Levy Court, he has been the recipient of the County’s Perfect Attendance Award as well as being named Kent County’s Employee of the Year.

Shannon has lived in the 30th Representative District for more than 30 years. He resides on his family farm on Mud Mill Rd along with his parents, sister, nephews and niece.

Shannon will take his conservative values to Legislative Hall and be the voice of his constituents. With agriculture being the largest industry in the district, he will promote and protect it along with all businesses, small and large. 

Shannon will also focus on small Government and controlled spending. He will make the conservative voice of his constituents heard on education, public safety, the 2nd Amendment and with the issues that matter deeply to his constituents. 


2nd Amendment


I will work to protect our Second Amendment rights from any infringement. "A  person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self,   family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use." 

-  Delaware Constitution



Agriculture is the engine that supports our economy and has been for over 300  years. In 1910, Delaware boasted over 11,000 farms but in recent years,  the count has dropped to 2,500. Since agriculture is the #1 employer in  Delaware, we need to make sure that those who do farm will be able to  continue for future generations. 



The development of broadband internet can bring the 30th District access to the power of high-speed connections. Another area of  improvement I want to usher in will be better roads on which all vehicles (personal, business, farm equipment) may travel.



An effective partnership with the state and local resources, including teachers, administrators and, most importantly parents, will help to improve our educational system. We also need to make sure the government is on board with the needs of each school district.

Public Safety


We need to make sure that the well-trained, respected police officers and first responders who serve us have the equipment and funding necessary to keep our residents and themselves safe. We will work towards a solution to the rising opioid epidemic that is putting a strain on our public safety.

Economic Development


Small Businesses are the lifeblood of any community. The current "red tape"  that anyone starting a business has to go through is often too  cumbersome and expensive to allow for a new business...or, for larger  businesses wanting to relocate in the community. I will be a voice for  those who want to start or relocate a business in our district. Working  together, we can discuss ideas and solutions to move forward.


Election Day - Tuesday, November 6th 7am-8pm

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